Fullon Hot Spring Resort Tamsui Hongshulin-Bathing pool -Man & Women

Fullon Hot Spring Resort Tamsui

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Bathing pool


    Bathing pool-Men、Women
    Close at 6:00 p.m. for regular maintenance on Mondays.
    Rate:NT$800 per guest, no extra 10% service fee.
    The rare “Golden Beauty Spring” at Fullon is a gift with the special features of the sulfurous spring and the carbonate spring. It is said to be good for both the one’s health and beauty. Hot spring pool, spa pool, cold water pool, shower rooms, and sauna rooms are all available in both the bathing pools for men and for women
    *Please do not enter the pool for safety issues if you are under 16 or pregnant, have drunk alcohol, or suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, eye diseases, skin disease or other infectious disease.
    * Please shower before entering the pool.
    *The floor in the bathing area is wet, please be careful when walking or using any facilities.
    *Please do not take drinks or foods with you and keep your precious belongings under your own protection.
    * Please do not apply any lotion or oily skin-care product before entering the hot spring.
    *For better privacy protection, please do not use camera or cell phone.
    *The rules are made for the convenience and hygiene for all the guests. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

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Hours :
Bathing pool-Men、Women:09:00~22:00

Rate:NT$800 per guest, no extra 10% service fee.