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The Love Story of the Mountains, Ocean and Hot Springs
Tamsui , previously named Huwei, has always been a must-visit tourist destination for its scenery, rich culture and exotic ancient architectures Located against the lush and beautiful Datun Mountains, the Fullon Hot Spring Resort in Tamsui offers fine views of the near mangroves and the far estuary.Owing to the hotel’s excellent location in the first row of the riverfront buildings, the scenic views of the Guanyin Mountain and the Tamsui River are all under our guests’ eyes. The 14 hot spring houses and 25 guest rooms in the hotel all face the waterfront and the Bali-style courtyard, which echo the artificial landscape outside the windows of the rooms, and enjoy an excellent double-view. The bathing pools for men and women are of Japanese-style, and guarantee to provide our guests with a relaxing experience for both the mind and the body The Japanese Cuisine Restaurant provides tasty and healthy light foods.The multi-function conference room offers independent meeting areas for more privacy and comfort. The rare “Golden Beauty Spring” at Fullon is a gift with the special features of both the sulfurous spring and carbonate spring. It is said to be beneficial to health and beauty while is also the most attractive one among the north coast springs. The hotel is located on Danjin Rd., facing the Hongshulin MRT Station. The convenient transportation makes it a carefree getaway in the busy city.  

『Fullon Hot Spring Resort Tamsui Hongshulin is awarded the first hot spring certificate in Tamsui district』
The water of the“Golden Beauty Spring” of Fullon Hot Spring Resort Tamsui Hongshulin is smooth and soft in nature. With the strict review and examination standards stipulated in the Hot Spring Regulation, the Golden Beauty Spring is recognized by the Tourism and Travel Department of New Taipei City Government and awarded the first hot spring certificate in Tamsui district.